10 April 2015

Inject Game PSN ke PS3 OFW tanpa IDPS menggunakan TrueAncestor Backup Injector

Adapun tool yang dibutuhkan :

1. TrueAncestor BACKUP Injector v1.31,
2. psnstuff ver 03.05.07,
3. ps3tools,
4. Internet.

Adapun perangkat tempur yang kita butuhkan yaitu :
1. PS3 OFW 4.60 - 4.70 (klu ode ngga usah, sayang odenya klu dinaikkan FWnya),
2. Hardisk eksternal 120 - 500gb (tergantung selera),
3. PC (klu bisa spek yang wah, biar cepat olah data).

Adapun langkah - langkahnya sebagai berikut :

1. Koneksikan hdd ekternal ke PS3,
2. Lalu backup data PS3 dari system setting,
3. setelah selesai backup, cabut hdd eksternal, lalu koneksikan ke PC,
4. Salin fail backup tadi ke Folder backup yang ada direktori TrueAncertor Backup.

07 April 2015

TrueAncestor Backup Injector v1.25 for PS3 by JjKkYu

Following up on his previous releases, PlayStation 3 developer JjKkYu made available TrueAncestor Backup Injector v1.00 followed by v1.01, v1.10, v1.11, v1.20 and v1.25 for PS3 CFW (Custom Firmware) users with details below.

To quote: A tool based on ps3xport, does the similar things as PeXploit, MuXport does. 


1. Inject files to backup without idps. 
2. Auto-detect userid. 
3. Auto-generate unlock edat file for purchasable game, mainly C00 type. 
4. Auto-rebuild database after restoring backup. 
5. Easy manage your backup and add contents. 
6. Support game folder, edat file & theme file injection.

31 December 2014

PeXploit Beta by TheDarkProgramer

Following the recent release of KaKaRoTo's PS3export comes a new application from TheDarkprogramer called PeXploit, making KaKaRoTo's exploits more user friendly in this GUI version of the tool. This tool is still considered a WIP (work in progress) and still being tested. So if you experience any bugs that need to be addressed be sure to report them in this thread below and also the source link provided. View all the details and usage of this application below and also checkout the recent releases from KaKaRoTo via this link.

30 December 2014

PS3xport by kakaroto release

Kakaroto has realized his announcement and has his tool name PS3xport released. 

With this tool you can get your backup files that you can create using the original backup function manipulate. This tool will guide you into unpack the backup archive. Then you can use the tool to create eg new backup files or change loaded backups, add or remove data. The backup is then encrypted again, that your PS3 which assumes again, whether you since to custom firmware or on the actual original firmware. If you know your IDPS (can indeed example, be read with the EeidRootKeyDumper), you can use this tool to back up a console make run for another console. 

29 December 2014

E2OPL 0.1.1 - OPL with EXT2 file system support (USB)


OPL with EXT2 (read-only) file system support via USB mass storage - E2OPL.

* No file size limit
* No need of defragmentation

Your USB drive must be formatted with EXT2 file system and 4096 bytes (4KB) blocksize/cluster size. On Linux I can recommend "gparted", on Windows you can use EaseUS Partition Master to format and Ext2Fsd to mount it. EXT2 partition should be first on the drive. Directory tree structure is the same
as for HDD, SMB and USB (FAT32).

Only ISO images are supported, even if 8GB in size, there is no need to split it like when using FAT32. E2OPL supports large ISO files. Also, there is no
need of defragmentation, like when using FAT32 file system. This version is backward compatible with FAT32 file system, HDD and SMB.
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