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12 April 2014

USBUtil 2.2 REV.1.0 [BETA] dirilis

Developer nokiajavi telah merilis versi beta USBUtil 2.2 REV 1.0. Update ini memperbaiki beberapa bug yang dapat dilihat dibawah. 

28 March 2014

PS3 GamePad Tester

Developer zar merilis aplikasi homebrew PS3 GamePad Test untuk semua pengguna CFW. Sekarang kamu dapat dengan mudah test semua tombol2 Dualshock 3 dan fungsinya dengan sangat baik. 

PS3 Game Pad Test by zar

Ini dibuat dengan psl1ght v2
Semua fitur PS3 GamePad didukung.

L3 + R3 = Aktif Motor kecil
L3 + R2 = Mengelola kecepatan Motor besar dengan menekan tombol R2

02 March 2014

COBRA ODE 2.0 fw Release for V3 & V4/V4 QSV Cobra PCB's including OFW 4.55 Bypass

We are pleased to present for release the Cobra fw 2.0 which has many new features and also initial support for OFW 4.55. Whilst the support for OFW 4.55 is not as convenient as on previous OFW's, it provides a solution for those who accidentally updated or wish to use 4.55 directly on SEN. We suggest that users remain on 4.53 or lower if they wish to benefit from the full convenience of an ODE solution. That being said we are researching other possible methods for compatibility with the 4.55+ firmwares and will keep our users posted through the news on this site and various other forums.

Before using the Cobra ODE kindly refer to the 4.55 Bypass manual carefully. Please be sure to follow the prerequisite steps and ensure that you have updated the firmware on the ODE hardware properly first.
Kindly note that 1 wire must be soldered to the drive door, which is detailed in the updated installation manual.

E3 OS 2.1 baru & E3 Manager 2 dirilis

E3 OS 2.1 & E3 Manager 2 dirilis, semua pengguna akan memiliki fungsi-fungsi berikut setelah upgrade ke E3 OS 2.1 & E3 Manager 2.0:

1: install file oficial PKG
2: support game PS1
3: support langsung BD MOVIE ISO
4: support 
langsung DVD MOVIE ISO
5: lebih meningkatkan dukungan folder games Format PS3

E3TEAM akan menambah fungsi baru berikut di upgrade berikutnya pada E3 OS 2.2 & lebih banyak fitur baru nantinya!.

1: Meningkatkan kinerja E3 ODE PRO
2: instal file PKG Unofficial
3: support game PSN game

01 November 2013

Open PS2 Loader v.0.9.2 by PS2 Devs SP193 & Bat Rastard


Version 0.9.2 rev672

  • Merged OPL/OPLGSM codebase
  • GSM Core 0.36.R - don't worry; 0.38 will be coming back better than ever!
  • GSM Core no longer supports 576p, 1080p, Skip FMVs - this is temporary.
  • GSM Core is now IGR and CodeBreaker/PS2rd compatible! (See Note 1)
  • GSM no longer included in Childproof builds.
  • Unified Makefile builds from single source tree via "GSM=0/1" argument (ala VMC/No VMC)
  • Protokernel support now part of PS2SDK toolchain
  • The integrated LibFreeType was removed, upgraded, and moved into the PS2SDK
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